Optical Fiber Starry Ceiling

Starry ceiling kit application Starry ceiling kit Fiber Optic Star Ceiling

Optical fiber Starry ceiling is using optical fiber (POF) for imitating night sky. End emitting fiber together with some end pieces can vividly copy the star shining. You can make you room, home theater, bath room under a starry environment.   SAP, Sauce, Restaurant is also good choice for install optical fiber starry ceiling.

For DIY optical fiber starry ceiling, you can go for page Starry Ceiling Kit under NEW PRODUCT for download PDF Starry ceiling installation.

Optical Fiber lighting offers possibility for an enormous number of imaginative designs. You can bring light and color to the place where traditional electrical light is impractical to use or to wet areas where safety considerations would act as a major constraint on conventional lights. We welcome all kinds of light or decoration imagination and we will try best to make your imagination come ture.

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Starry ceiling kit application Starry ceiling kit End Emitting Optical fiber

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