public fiber optic lighting decoration

public fiber optic lighting decoration public fiber optic lighting decoration

This is a public lighting decoration project in Moscow by us, mainly using sparkle optical fiber, light source machine and artistic model, as one person's hair in the light. As The project launched, it has attracted many people's eye. A lot of people brought the family to enjoy the magnificent and fascinating luster.

Fiber optic lighting is a new lighting technology.It has the advantages of energy saving, safe, colorful variety and so on. Compared to the traditional lighting, fiber optic lighting is much safer. It does not require the current through, just need  the light through. No safety concerns to children or master, especially suitable for public places decoration lighting. Fiber optic lighting, color is very rich, just click the remote control, you can get a variety of colors. This is a simple, safety technology.It has been applied by us in the government, schools, shopping malls, Plaza etc..

BClight is a business group of Yumolo Group, working hard to develop fiber optic lighting technology. Yumolo Group has invested nearly 5 hundred million for the construction of BClight plant and production equipment. BClight hopes to bring this "green, energy, security" lighting technology to thousands of households.


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